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Apple has promised to close the vulnerability, which the FBI cracked iPhone terrorist

Apple announced that it will eliminate the breach in the security of their smartphones, because of which the FBI was able to crack the iPhone shooter from San Bernardino said Farooq. The company said that once a vulnerability is found, it will close to her are unable to take advantage of others.

As stated by Reuters technical expert Apple Jonathan Zdziarski found the FBI loophole is likely to exist for only a few months. Information about it spread even faster if the Bureau will give information about it to the police, who are also interested in gaining access to personal information of owners of smartphones.

The specialist noted that the method information, which has been used by experts service is likely to be revealed due to information leakage. In this case, Apple will be able to create the appropriate protection, which will ensure that information stored on the iPhone cannot be removed against the wishes of the owner.

According to sources, Cupertino expect that data about the specified method of hacking an iPhone can be made public by order of the court during further proceedings. In this case, the company is also ready to take immediate action to protect your device.

Recall that in mid-February, a California state court ordered Apple to give the FBI access to blocked content on the iPhone the terrorist who attacked a center for people with disabilities in San Bernardino and killed 14 people. Tim cook of Apple said that the company intends to appeal the decision of the court, since the FBI actually requires the creation of iOS bedorom.

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In the end, the FBI managed to crack iPhone California criminal without the help of Apple. According to authorities, they managed to get around the system of data protection with the help of an anonymous third party. The methods by which it was possible to make hacking, were not disclosed. We know only that the government resorted to the assistance of a third party — according to media reports, this may be the company Cellebrite, is professionally engaged in the extraction of data from mobile devices.

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