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Apple has posted the top 25 apps, infected XcodeGhost

This week Apple has officially announced that she had to remove several apps from the App store because they were infected with malware. Today on the support page of the company appeared in a list of 25 of the most popular infected applications. Experts, meanwhile, say on a larger scale problem. The company FireEye believe that currently in the App Store is not less than 4 000 applications infected with malware XcodeGhost.

Causes infection programs became illegal version of the app development XCode created by Chinese hackers. The problem is that developers from China have to download XCode from third-party sites as a direct download from the American servers takes too much time. By counting the senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, download XCode from China takes three times more time than if the developer was in the USA. Using this, the attackers modified one of the distributions XCode and posted it on the popular file-sharing resource.

Schiller assured of users and developers that Apple is taking measures to prevent similar situations in the future. Chinese developers will have the opportunity to download the official XCode distributions with a single server. In addition, the company will contact the producers whose ON had to be temporarily removed from the Apple Store, and tell them what measures should be taken to return them to their programs.

On the Apple website published the names of 25 infected applications. We are talking about the most popular programs. In total, the company has removed from the App Store 39 infected applications. At the time of this writing, Apple has not responded to the statement by FireEye to a further 4 000 infected programs in the app store.

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