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Apple has poached a leading constructor of racing cars Porsche

It is no secret that the company from Cupertino is developing a private vehicle. According to sources, on a project called Titan has a team of several hundred people. Recently joined by ex-employee Alexander Porsche, Hitzinger.

News Agency Reuters, it became known that earlier this year Apple lured to work with the program Manager for the production of race cars Porsche.

Some time ago Alexander Hitzinger participated in the successful return of the company to race at Le Mans. In the summer of this year, the Porsche team took second consecutive title in the endurance race “24 hours of Le Mans”: Romain Dumas, Neel Jani and mark Loeb drove 384 round and made a 30 pit stops.

German engineer oversaw the creation of a hybrid sports car Porsche 919. The car was developed by a team from scratch. And in the same way, as is clear, go in Cupertino, so the experience of Hitzinger can be very helpful. Speaking as the organizer, he helped form the team in the Porsche, expanding it from a dozen to a hundred people.

Porsche officially confirmed that Alexander Hitzinger left the company in March of this year. Apple has refused to confirm or deny the appointment of the employee.

The news about hiring a leading specialist Porsche came amid rumors of Apple preparing its own electric car, which will compete with Tesla cars. It is argued that to participate in this project, several employees of Tesla left the company. Now in his framework is the design of the car, which reportedly resembles a minivan.

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