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Apple has patented waterproof speaker for iPhone

We have become accustomed to the fact that interesting details about the new products of Apple become known long before their official presentation. Not without surprises this year. In anticipation of the announcement of the iPhone 7 scheduled for September, the Network leaked a lot of details about the upcoming device. In addition to the technical characteristics of the informed sources claim that the smartphone will receive protection from water. Apple’s new patent can be viewed as a confirmation of these inside.

Apple together with manufacturers of acoustic equipment Bose and JBL has developed a special material, can withstand direct contact with moisture. Using it to create dynamic heads, the giant California intends to ensure full water resistance.

Most speakers of modern appliances are equipped with protective film against water. Unlike Apple’s patent, they do not become waterproof. The patent States that membane avoid high hydrostatic pressure when submerged to a depth of 3.5 meters.

According to the documentation of the patent, Apple is going to use the material in smartphones, tablets, smart watches, TVs, laptops and other electronics.

First totally waterproof future iPhone talking after the presentation of iPhone 6s in the past year. The fact that Apple started to use in the design of the smartphone protective seal against penetration of water device and has revised the location of some of the components inside the case.

In addition, around the connectors for the cables on the motherboard from the battery and display the buttons and the Lightning connector has a small loop of silicone. These connectors are most often subject to corrosion due to ingestion of water, and these strata protect them. This method of waterproofing the iPhone was described in another patent Apple filed in March 2015.

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