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Apple has patented smart cloth for electronic devices

Patently Apple published a report according to which Apple received a European patent on the smart fabric. As the requests like the painting will have special properties — conductivity, sensitivity to touch or deformation.

The study pointed out that smart clothing with embedded devices will be an integral part of life, as, for example, smartphones now. Also, the report States that Apple will remain the leader in the segment of wearable smart devices on the market until 2021. Given that the company is working on the promotion of medical apps for their watches, the use of such innovative wardrobe in combination with gadgets will make sense.

The report featured an unusual patent. Apple has developed and registered in Europe, a kind of smart fabric in which fibers can be formed cavity for other components. Items can be attached using the electrical and mechanical connections. The list of what can be integrated into the fabric very large. It contains: integrated circuits, discrete electronic components, among which include the resistors, capacitors, speakers and various sensors.

Here is what it says in the patent:

“The fabric can also include control circuits, such as nonvolatile and volatile memory, microprocessors, specialized integrated chip, the devices on the chip, the nodes of the wired/wireless communication and other electronic components.”

It is noteworthy that one of the developers of this fabric — Daniel Podgajny, who came to Apple from Nike. He developed for the world famous manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes at least two dozen patents of a similar direction.

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