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Apple has patented “smart” case for iPad with extra display

The iPhone and iPad maker is a regular at the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States. On the days in the database of this organization again revealed the application from Cupertino. It illustrates several different ways of using the new generation Smart Cover for the iPad.

According to published drawings, the accessory will perform a number of functions. In particular, he will be able to display items that does not fit on the main screen of the tablet. The user can put there an extra panel for application icons. Another use for the smart cover is the withdrawal for various notifications and widgets, as well as interaction with applications without the need to uncover the tablet.

Smart accessory will work as input devices: users can not only write handwritten notes, but also making drawings with Pencil Apple.

To connect the gadget will be smart via a special connector located on the side of the iPad Pro. However, careful users have noticed a slight discrepancy: the illustration shows four mount points, whereas on the “fresh” tablet from Apple there are only three. It is therefore possible that “Apple” the Corporation plans in the near future to show the updated device.

Of course, a patent does not mean that the invention necessarily be implemented as a commercial product. Over the past few years, Apple managed to offer several options for expanding the functionality of the Smart Cover. For example, it was planned to equip sensitive to touch inner surface, which could serve as a virtual keypad and built in wireless charging.

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None of these projects have not been implemented. However, the smart model the Smart Cover with display has all the chances of success among iPad users. By the way, the idea with the additional display is also not new — something similar chief Apple designer Jonathan Ive said in the spring of 2013.

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