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Apple has patented sewn-in straps for Apple Watch

To predict the future – the lot of writers, that we might remember from school. But today, the role of oracles with success, and the serious and commercial, took on big-time producers and writers. Here and the near future promises to be fruitful for the implementation of ideas which, with the light hand of science fiction have become, without exaggeration, a cult.

Already Tony hawk tore from the earth the world’s first flying prototype of the Board hoverboard from HUVr, already presented samozashnurovyvayuschihsya Nike high-tops, like Marty McFly. In General, we only have to wait for the flying DeLorean – and here it is, the future, two meters away from you.

But, while the court Yes business, and major studios decide how to market louder, the guys from Cupertino are already offering the idea of self locking straps for your smartwatch. The project was presented on the stage of the patent, the description of which is on the website of the U.S. patent office.


The project is ambitious and largely divorced from the real consumers. For example, have you ever thought to put a strap on the arm is the problem? Actually thought about this accessory? Meanwhile, Apple has offered some variants of implementation of the strap, which can automatically be delayed and weakened.

One of the ways involves the use of a tensioner, control actuators, mechanically connected with the watch case or the elements of the strap. The actuator can pull the strap, mix the pin is threaded into the holes of the bracelet, to change the distance between the links of the strap or make it thicker by reducing the diameter of the girth. With the same purpose, to push the case cover the Apple Watch.

As conceived by Apple, this feature is useful for optimal fixing of the Apple Watch on the hand depending on the activity: for example, if everyday wear, the strap loosened for comfort, and while Jogging — tightened to sensor readings were reliable.

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