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Apple has patented its own virtual reality glasses for iPhone

Thanks to the efforts of Oculus, Google, Samsung, Sony and smaller companies interested in the technologies of virtual reality is now quite large. There is even a small company working to transform the iPad mini into a virtual reality helmet. It is curious that recently Apple received a patent for its own virtual reality goggles. The publication Patently Apple found the company’s claim, describing VR-a device that uses iPhone as the display.

By and large talking about virtual reality glasses similar to Samsung Gear VR, but in a more compact form factor. The user can view three-dimensional image, which is displayed on the screen of a smartphone, placed in the device. The gadget will have a special focus modules that work automatically or customized by the owner.

From glasses depart the Apple built-in headphones that allows you to refuse the additional set. Although in this case, and the holes on the side for sound output from the loudspeakers of the iPhone on the bottom. The front can be considered a small hole, which must be calculated under the camera.

It should be noted that in mass media there was some rumors about the release of Apple on the market of virtual reality. The company has several patents in this area. In February 2016, Apple has hired Professor Doug Bowman, one of the most renowned experts in the field of virtual reality.

Interestingly, the patent application was filed in 2012. About Apple’s plans to release a commercial version of the device is not reported.

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