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Apple has patented “invisible” plug for mobile devices

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. has published Apple’s new patent on a unique interface connectors. The document entitled “Electronic device with a hidden connector” describes the connectors, covered with a self-healing elastomer.

According to the developers, the elastomer connector hides from the user and protects it and the internal components of the electronic device from the external environment. For normal operation of the gadget when you connect cables and accessories in the ports of the elastomer deforms, and then recovers its original shape and size inside the port as soon as the plug is ejected.

The pins of the external connector can temporarily pierce the elastomer, to ensure contact with the connector on the device. After the external connector is extracted, the shape and integrity of the coating is restored by the properties of the elastomer.

This synthetic material is able to protect the connectors from inadvertent exposure to external factors. Besides, users do not have to worry about that a stub will be lost — after deformation it will automatically fall into place.

Clearly, not all technical solutions are used in Apple products, but given the already made steps to improve the water resistance of the iPhone, we are more likely to expect the implementation of this technology in the next generation of devices.

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