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Apple has patented innovative container for pizza

In Apple’s patent portfolio there are many quite unusual for the company projects. This week, the company has expanded the list of those “innovative” container for pizza. In the description of the patent application States that it is designed so that its contents will never become impregnated with moisture.

From time to time Apple registers of the invention, not directly related to the main products of the brand. At this time we are talking about the container for the pizza. In the design of a patented product has special ventilation holes, through which steam from the hot food comes out. Thus, inside the box is not moisture builds up and food gets wet.

The patent application was registered in 2010, but the packaging itself showed just now. In creating the container was attended by the head of food service of the California giant.

Such products are likely designed for use inside Apple headquarters. Accessories, according to Wired, will appear in canteens of Apple’s new campus Park. The container will allow employee to eat directly at their workplaces, bringing pizza from the dining room.

Last year, Apple received a patent for a paper bag with folding handles.

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