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Apple has patented an ultra-compact camera c curved photo sensor for future iPhone

The iPhone maker pays close attention to the quality and the camera capabilities of their devices. Judging by another patent, Apple is working on ways to significantly improve the main camera of the iPhone, while maintaining the dimensions of the housing. Apparently, future models may appear not only a lens with an optical zoom, but also significantly improves colour accuracy and sensitivity.

Apple’s patent portfolio was supplemented by document number No. 9,244,253, issued by the United States patent and trademark office. We are talking about technologies intended for use in the mobile sector – smartphones and tablets. The PV panel described in the patent “the Camera is a small form factor with high resolution”, has a round sensor, which consists of three lenses, two of which are convex. This system will allow you to focus light rays on the sensitive surface, to reduce sensor size while maintaining the number of pixels.

Based on the technical description of the module, the axial size of chamber will be only 2 mm. the Result should be a clear, but slightly distorted image. The problem of deformation of the images Apple wants to solve it using specialized software.

On the one hand, Apple in no hurry to implement his idea into life — patent for more than two years. C the other — now in Cupertino is considering various options to make the iPhone thinner, and more battery capacity. According to rumors, the iPhone 7, the company intends to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack, so it’s possible that we will soon be able to see a new camera on the new iPhone and iPad.

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