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Apple has patented active protection system iPhone

Apple has developed a special system for protecting from damage the body dropped from the hands of the owner of the iPhone. Appropriate application published on Thursday by the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA.

In accordance with the description of technology, at the corners of the casings are invited to place a small “legs”, until then hidden in special niches. This, according to the developers, should prevent damage to the screen if the device is dropped.

After determining that the iPhone is falling, the system makes adaptations that do not give the gadget to hit on a hard surface a fragile screen. Free fall device is able to determine with built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and camera. Some time after the fall of “legs” automatically retracts back into its niche.

Thus depending on the design of the protruding elements can be bent or shifted into the device body, acting as shock absorbers. If the iPhone is dropped in water, the bumpers will let it sink, allowing the smartphone to remain on the surface of the water.

“Legs” are driven with a miniature motor. As a material for them can be used in flexible or rigid plastics, polymers or composite materials, according to the patent.

It is too early to say that Apple patented a system ever appears on a real iPhone, as the company often makes patents not so much for the further implementation, how to protect intellectual property.

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