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Apple has patented a way to call rescuers with the help of fingerprints

Apple received a patent for a method of calling emergency services using a fingerprint. This method is necessary if the traditional methods of communication with 911 cannot be used.

In Apple believe that through this method people will be able to communicate with rescuers in case of emergency, As follows from the description of the document issued by the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, a new feature will allow you to dial 911 in an emergency.

For example, the iPhone owner will be able to call rescue services, even under the supervision of the attacker.

“Even when the user is in the field of view of the attacker, he can call for rescue, quietly pressing a finger on the fingerprint scanner in the sequence,” reads the Apple patent.

As the command for dialing 911 can serve as a definite sequence of finger (big — medium — little finger) that are attached to the scanner Touch ID. From the side it would seem that the user is attempting to unlock the smartphone.

When the function is activated in an emergency situation, the iPhone can start recording audio or video, but also to hide personal information stored on the device.

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