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Apple has patented a new way to play paintball

The concept of augmented reality have long been known. Remember in “the terminator”, the view through the eyes of a cyborg from first-person? The real picture of the surrounding world overlaid tips and pictures generated by computer. Now the time has come when the power of mobile computing allows you to implement this concept in practice.

In one of the new patents Apple have described an interactive game for iPhone, based on augmented reality. They look like laser tag or paintball: two or more players are synced between your smartphone and start a fierce firefight, using them as weapons.

Moreover, it is not does not a figure of speech. Naturally — gamer caught in the crosshairs of the enemy, and then fires — as in conventional fighters. In this case, the iPhone screen displays the sight, the button for the shot and score of the match. The players, like in paintball, move on real locations, and the goal is to “shoot” the smartphone of a member from the enemy team. If caught, the enemy will vibrate the phone, and the statistics will be written your victory.

iPhone are connected to each other via Bluetooth, wifi or cellular connection and transmit data such as position, orientation and time, allowing the mobile device knows where other players are and marks them on the screen.

In Cupertino believe augmented reality the next big step — to increase the realism.

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