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Apple has patented a new technology 3D printing

Recently, the patent and trademark office has published 44 new patent applications from Apple. Among them, the patent on a color 3D printer.

Such a move by Apple seems a bit strange, because previously, the company showed no interest in the technology of 3D printing. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the iPhone maker often tries to break into new markets. For example, in autumn the Corporation introduced its software-based platform for creating AR applications.

In the patent application Apple said that wants to improve 3D printers, making them more accessible and user-friendly. From this it follows that corporations are not working on the gadget for internal use and print iPhone, and on a full-fledged consumer product.

The technology of 3D printing has been around for many years, but has not gained much popularity. A 3D printer is still expensive, difficult and inconvenient. Perhaps Apple will be able to change this technology and to popularize 3D printing.

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