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Apple has patented a headset that uses the iPhone screen

At points of virtual reality without a doubt has potential. In this a hundred percent sure the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, who has spent a round sum for the purchase of the company Oculus, which develops solutions in this area. The fact that the idea of this device and thinking in Cupertino, confirms a new patent application the company.

Last week, the Bureau of patents and trademark United States has granted Apple patent No. 9595237. The document describes a wearable on-the-head headset that uses the mobile device’s screen. Judging by the illustrations, the gadget is the iPhone, that its proposed display to display the image.

According to the description of the system, the user may “temporarily integrate” mobile devices in the headset allows users to carry it on his head. While the electronic part of the headset can be connected to the mobile device so that both components worked together.

The device can turn off a couple of lenses, a distance sensor, a few buttons and a wheel that is responsible for focusing. In fact, it is analogous to a virtual reality helmet Samsung Gear VR. Feature Gear VR is that the role of the display play smartphones South Korean company.

Headset and Apple mobile device complement and extend each other, and can also disable some functions to avoid duplication.

The patent application was registered by Apple in the summer of 2016. About the company’s plans for the practical implementation of the development not reported.

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