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Apple has patented a device in the form of a scroll with a collapsible OLED display

Apple last week has patented “an electronic device with a sliding display,” which resembles an ancient scroll. The screen of a mobile device is wound on two parallel rod.

Patent number 9625948 describes the unusual design of the gadget, consisting of two parts connected display. OLED display is flexible and is rolled into a tube, placed in the body of the device. When expanded, it becomes flat. In other words, the design is reminiscent of ancient scrolls.

Part of the body, as noted in the document, can be manufactured from a single piece of aluminium and glass, plastic, composite, ceramic or other material.

Intended for storage of the lateral screen parts are the main components of embedded device CPU, memory, sensors, battery, microphones, cameras, etc. it also can be integrated with two cameras that allow to obtain three-dimensional stereoscopic image.

When the gadget is folded, the side pieces can be fastened with each other using magnets. Also describes the mechanism, which after deployment will not allow the screen to fold back.

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