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Apple has patented a bracelet for the Apple Watch, which can turn into a protective case and stand

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) has gra nted Apple a patent for a magnetic strap that can be used as a protective accessory for the device. The company registered the document last week, but became aware of it only now.

The range of the Apple Online Store is the Milanese mesh bracelet for the Apple Watch. This accessory is mounted and is held in the hand thanks to its magnetic properties. However, it does not imply the ability to use it as a protective device.

In the patent application Apple describes the particular magnetic bracelet which consists of metal segments and can be wrapped around the body of the Apple Watch. Thus, it can be converted into a protective case, stand on the bedside table or holder for Mac. In the illustration to the patent depicts the MacBook when open, the lid of which fastened the Apple Watch.

This is not the first Apple patent application to the bracelets for the Apple Watch. In one of recent documents described variant of the strap with built-in display. The accessory is made of special material that includes a conductive light fibers are woven into fabric to form a visual display. In addition to the reflection time and alerts about incoming messages display to confirm the color indication that the strap is correctly secured.

Thus, observers think that Apple has the potential to produce new models of straps and bracelets for the Apple Watch. About when the company intends to expand its range of branded accessories, not reported.

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