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Apple has partially fixed the vulnerability in Intel processors

According to the latest data, Apple has fixed a critical vulnerability in protsessorov Intel. The patch was released along with the latest release of macOS.

Recently, the network appeared information about the error in the Intel processors. For hackers and fraudsters can gain access to protected data to the operating system, as well as usernames and passwords.

The developer Alex Ionescu announced on Twitter that Apple has made a number of fixes in the firmware macOS 10.13.2. Nevertheless, the Corporation continues to work on a few additional patches. Some of them were included in the beta version of macOS 10.13.3.

The question on everyone’s minds: Does MacOS fix the Intel #KPTI Issue? Why yes, yes it does. Say hello to the “Double Map” since 10.13.2 — and with some surprises in 10.13.3 (under Developer NDA so can’t talk/show you). cc @i0n1c @s1guza @patrickwardle

— Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) January 3, 2018

“Everyone is interested in the answer to one question: have fixed the flaw KPTI in macOS? Yes, fixed. Say Hello to the Double function Map 10.13.2 some surprises in 10.13.3 (I signed a confidentiality agreement, so won’t be able to tell you more),” wrote Ionescu.

Earlier it was reported that the vulnerability has been fixed in the Intel chips will reduce the speed of the computers running Windows and Linux on 30%. Probably macOS users will not touch it, as none of the users have not complained about the performance of macOS 10.13.2 containing the patch protects the system.

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