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Apple has opened in Italy a center for training students in application development for iOS [images]

Apple opened its first European Academy in Naples (Italy). The goal of this initiative is to develop a new generation of software developers for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

This is a joint project of Apple and University of Naples Federico II. To study in the Academy will be 600 students. They will examine the development of applications and software.

The first 100 students began a nine-month course on Thursday, October 6. They were chosen from more than 4,000 candidates. This group is made the inhabitants of Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Madagascar. The second group will begin training in January 2017.

The center is designed to give students practical skills for designing applications for iOS. He is a partner of the universities of Naples and will also cooperate with other partners throughout Italy.

Apple has developed specialized training programs to prepare thousands of future developers. The Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi thanked the head of the company Tim cook for investments in the country and noted that this is just the beginning.

Apple has already announced that it intends to expand this practice and to open training centers in other countries. According to estimates of the California giant, it generates about 1.2 million jobs in Europe are related to the creation of applications.

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