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Apple has opened an official page in social network “Vkontakte”

Apple has launched an official page in Russian social network “Vkontakte”. It is available at, however, is still closed.

Apple representatives in Russia have confirmed that this page is indeed official. The question of when the public will be available to all, the company has not responded. The press service of the social network also confirmed the membership page Apple.

The public is not marked by the blue tick, which usually confirms the authenticity of the account. Since Apple is a closed community, see the contents or the number of approved participants is impossible.

As it became known, earlier at this address “Vkontakte” there was a community of Apple online store Jesus. According to media reports, the head of service sold to the group address of the Corporation from Cupertino, but the former owner could not confirm or deny this information. Members of the Apple also refused to disclose the details of the transaction. Public Apple now Jesus is at a different location.

At the moment the official Apple community in “Vkontakte” closed: most likely, there is nothing published. At the moment of the options available, click “Apply”.

The iPhone maker also has official pages in Facebook and Twitter, and in the latter network, the company provides guidance to users and provides advice of a technical nature.

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