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Apple has officially launched the platform CareKit

Today Apple officially launched CareKit — new software environment, designed to help developers to give everyone the possibility of active monitoring of their health status. IPhone apps that use CareKit, help people to monitor the implementation of medical recommendations, manifestation of symptoms and medication.

“Thanks ResearchKit we realized what incredible opportunities are mobile apps for high-quality clinical studies on samples of unprecedented scale at a low cost, said ray Dorsey, a Board-certified physician, holder of professorships named David M. levy at the medical center of the University of Rochester. — We hope, CareKit that will help to reduce the gap between the results of our scientific research and real treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. This tool opens up entirely new avenues for the democratization of research and medicine.”

Platform CareKit became available in the form of a platform open source software. It allows developers to create products on the basis of the first four modules of the Apple.

Among the proposed Apple modules:

  • Care Card helps to monitor the implementation of the treatment plan and medical recommendations, such as medications or physical therapy. The execution of the necessary actions can be automatically tracked and recorded using the sensors of the Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Symptom and Measurement Tracker allows you to record symptoms and health. For example, you can record data about temperature of the body, mark the level of pain or fatigue. Information about traffic status may include simple questionnaires, photographs, as is wound healing, but data on physical activity obtained with the help of sensors iPhone.
  • Insight Dashboard displays the relationship between presence of symptoms and recommendations according to the Care Card and demonstrates the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Connect allows you to share health information. Users will be able to convey important information about your health and any changes being doctors, the medical staff or relatives. At the same time declared the possibility of discussing this information.
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Developers of applications for health care are going to embed the modules in the application CareKit for patients with Parkinson’s disease, apps for tracking post-operative conditions, observing home health, diabetes control, mental health and health care of women during pregnancy.

Also announced integration capabilities CareKit and ResearchKit. Organization Sage Bionetworks and University of Rochester CareKit used to turn the mPower research in practically useful tool, which will help to more accurately inform patients about their condition, and professionals to care about the specifics of treatment.

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