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Apple has officially closed the exchange program of explosive, iPod nano

Apple turned the program replace iPod nano first generation, were experiencing problems with overheating batteries. Reported by MacRumors, who has a copy of the relevant application.

In November 2011, Apple has sent out to owners of the iPod nano 1G official notification of the start of the program to replace players. After the regulatory authorities of Japan have accused the California giant in the supply of gadgets that are prone to overheating, Apple has admitted that some iPod really has hardware defects.

History with smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was developed many years ago with Apple. In some cases, the iPod nano has received various burns and damage, though, unlike history with Samsung, no major incidents such as fires due to ignition of the players was recorded.

“Dear iPod Nano owner,

Apple has determined that in very rare cases, battery iPod nano (1st generation) may overheat, creating a safety hazard. These iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006.

The problem was we have thoroughly examined, with the result that we found is the sole supplier of batteries, batteries which had a manufacturing defect. It happens quite rarely, but this probability increases with aging batteries,” – said in the newsletter Apple.

Under pressure from human rights and consumer organizations, Apple has agreed to provide replacement of defective iPod nano around the world. In the newsletter it’s recommended to abandon the use of the devices and go through the replacement procedure.

After 5 years, the program ceased to operate at authorized service centers Apple. However, the chance to replace the battery of the player is still there. It is necessary to apply directly to Apple. Defective gadgets will be replaced within six months and will receive a 90-day warranty.

Note that only in Japan were several hundred cases of overheating built-in batteries iPod nano sold in 2005 and 2006.

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