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Apple has not fixed any case of theft with the payment system Apple Pay in Russia

With two months since the launch of Apple Pay in Russia, the experts did not record any case of theft of money through the payment service of the American company. The system worked in our country in October this year. According to experts, hackers are harder to write off with them, than with plastic cards.

Apple does not store card data of users and creates for each unique account number device. If each transaction also generates a unique 16-digit number (token) that does not coincide with the number of the physical card. If an attacker gets those numbers, he can’t steal the funds because it needs the gadget.

Through token payments, Apple Pay is much better protected from traditional methods of theft from card skimming and phishing, said the publication “Vedomosti”, the Vice-President of VTB24 Ashot Simonyan.

In addition, when you pay with a smartphone purchase for the sum less than 1000 rubles, confirmation is required. When paying by card via NFC does not need to. Thus, if exposed to map a device simulating the operation of the POS terminal, you can get a list of transactions and steal a small amount of funds. On a locked iPhone this module is disabled, and count data.

If the attacker steals the smartphone — it will not be able to pay, since this requires the fingerprint of the owner, said the Director of e-business monitoring Alfa Bank Alexei Golenishchev. Without a fingerprint to make a payment impossible, and its fake too time-consuming business, continues Simonyan of “VTB 24”.

In order to use the iPhone to pay for goods, sufficient to bind the Bank card to the Wallet app. The further use of the gadget as a payment instrument it is necessary to confirm the transaction with a thumbprint or simply worn on the arm of the Apple Watch.

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