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Apple has not allowed the update to the App Store for the word “Android” in the screenshot

Application developers from Danish Studio Robocat complained about the rules of the App store. Apple refused to post an update for the reason that on the screenshot of the program featured the word “Android”. The company has tied moderating rules with the struggle of cupertinos against software platform Google for the attention of users.

The app is Breaking news aggregator with a keyword filter. When you try to update to version 1.3, the developers have refused. As it turned out, the picture in the news list in the notification Center, the App Store moderators saw the word Android. The name “enemy” platform could barely even see in the image, however, this was reason enough to refuse the update.

As developers write in his blog, the moderators Apple refer to paragraph 3.1 of the rules of host applications in their store. “Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other platforms of prohibited”, — said the representatives of the it giant on the request of journalists.

A fun fact is that this screenshot is from the online shop up to date Breaking 1.2.1. Four previous updates with this picture has not caused any issues at Apple, outraged by the Danes.

The rules of the App Store is not the first time cause issues for developers. Last year Apple removed the app Launcher that allows you to create shortcuts for actions in different programs and use them as widgets in notification Center “due to the mismatch between the rules of the store”. Later, the company reversed the decision and allowed the app in the App Store.

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In February Apple announced special rules for gaming apps in the App Store, according to which screenshots should be the minimum rating of 4+. This means that the developer can refuse to place the application, if the screenshots or icon will be placed weapons, or will be present scenes with elements of violence.

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