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Apple has no equal in the quality of technical support

If you purchase a new computer for you, the priority is the quality of technical support, in accordance with the latest rating Laptop, you no doubt need to pay attention to the MacBook.

The magazine compared the top 10 computer manufacturers for technical support in 2017. In accordance with the results, Apple was the absolute leader. The General maintenance in the current year, the Mac maker earned 93 points, ahead of nearest rival by 5 points.

“Apple provides the best services in terms of technical support of their products and this year was no exception, said the study authors. – On the Apple website is well organised FAQ, search-based and technical manuals, which quickly gave us answers to all the questions included in the list of mandatory questions during the testing”.

In the Apple became a leader with impeccable support by phone, chat and web-sites including Twitter. According to the same criteria, the Mac maker ahead of Acer, the result of which 88 points and Lenovo with 86 points. Worst technical support to customers provide Samsung and MSI, which earned 67 and 63 points respectively.

“Almost no manufacturer or distributor, for that matter – is immune from the wrath of the users, faced with difficulties in work or technical problems, said the researchers. But, then, how companies cope with the problems of customer service, hardware and software, ultimately determine their true reliability and future sales”.

The quality of Apple support, for the last several years, combined with the popularity of the iPhone and iPad will encourage more Mac sales. In the previous quarter Apple sold a record 5,374 million computers.

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