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Apple has limited the rate of LTE modems Qualcomm in the iPhone 7 to fit the models with Intel chips

As you know, Apple is releasing the iPhone 7 in two versions, not focusing the attention of buyers. Some models use LTE modems manufactured by Intel, in other — production Qualcomm. In this case, despite higher potential in the past, Apple has restricted their speed of your Internet connection. This fact drew the attention of the publication Twin Prime.

Concerning wireless communications, the iPhone 7 has taken a step forward thanks modem Intel PMB9943 corresponding to the 10th category of LTE-Advanced. It provides a throughput of 450 and 100 Mbps for receiving and transmission respectively.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are compatible with CDMA networks, are equipped with a baseband chip Qualcomm MDM9645M (X12), which supports LTE-A category 12 with parameters 600/150 Mbit/s. However, Apple had “cut” his ability to match the Cat. 10.

According to the publication, Apple has decided to equalize the performance of the iPhone 7 with LTE modems from different manufacturers. As a result, “Apple” smartphones are significantly inferior to the speed of your Internet connection Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which is powered by Qualcomm X12.

To distinguish the model of the iPhone 7 on external signs it is impossible. Russia offers a model, without the support of CDMA. Relevant for the Russian networks LTE bands Band 7, 20 and 38 are supported by both modems (minus Band 31, which uses the network from Skylink, Tele2).

In order to determine which modem is installed in the iPhone 7, you must go to Settings –> General –> About device –> Legal documents –> Regulations. This page specifies the model number of the phone. Model number or A1660 A1661 means that the device uses a Qualcomm chip. If it A1778 or A1784, we are talking about iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with modem Intel.

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