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Apple has launched the annual Apple Music subscription cost is 1690 rubles

Apple introduced a new tariff plan for users of the music service Apple Music. The initiative applies to all users of the service and saves nearly 350 rubles for one-time payment services.

The cost of a monthly subscription on Apple Music is 169 rubles, family (up to five) – 269 rubles. In Russia, the price of the service corresponds roughly to competitors ‘ price policy: a basic subscription on “Yandex.The music is” worth 169 rubles. per month, Google Play Music – 159 RUB on Zvooq – 169 rubles., on Deezer – 169 RUB.

Within three months use Apple Music for free, but in order to start the trial period, you must have at least 170 rubles.

Now users can save a lump sum payment of the annual subscription to Apple Music. The cost of an individual subscription is 1690 rubles. Thus, instead of a monthly payment for 169 rubles during the year (2028 rubles) to pay to 338 rubles less.

This plan became available in the Apple Music settings. To activate it, go to the settings tab For you –> View Apple ID –> Subscriptions. Here, in addition to Individual (1 month)., Family (1 month). For students (1 month). there is an option Individual (1 year).

Connect music service Apple discount will be users that own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the current version of iOS, users of Android-smartphone with AT least version 4.3. (Jelly Bean), as well as those whose computer is running iTunes.

Note that at the end of last year, Apple launched the Russia campaign, which allows students to save on the music service. 48 months (does not have to be continuous) will cost students 75 rubles a month.


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