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Apple has launched an interactive designer to personalize the Apple Watch

Apple launched the interactive designer designs for “smart” clock Apple Watch. The company believes this feature is one of the key features of online store and subsequently led to her special place.

In the online gallery are invited to see how the Apple Watch would look like with different enclosures, straps and dials. After selecting suitable option, the user can go to the store and place your order on the device.

According to the Director of design of Apple, the consumers is very important, the look of the Apple Watch on their hand. They would like to choose for themselves not only the color case and strap, but also materials, and related accessories. Developing Apple Watch, in Cupertino take into account the wide possibility of customization hours.

“We have created different models of the Apple Watch for fans of different styles with different tastes. But you can give them even more personality, changing straps and dials at his discretion”.

In the “Interactive gallery” the user can select one of many options of housings: 38 and 42 mm, aluminum, stainless steel, assorted colors. There are a few dozens of straps, as on the materials (leather, metal, PTFE, nylon) and size. The buyer can immediately try to dial, which will be installed on your watch by default.

After selecting a suitable option remains to return to the online catalog and order the device and the strap.

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