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Apple has launched a program to free replacement hard drive 27-inch iMac

Apple announced a replacement program hard drives of 3 TB installed in one PC iMac. The reason for this was the complaint of the users on the errors in the computers. According to the company, in certain conditions, 3-terabyte drives can fail.

iMac problem with hard drives were sold during nine months from December 2012 to September 2013. Apple now contact the owners of the damaged cars, which enter a valid email address during the registration process to let them know about this program.

On the Apple site opened a special page where users can enter the serial number of the iMac and find out if it qualifies for a free repair.

“If you haven’t already contacted you, but you think that your computer has hard disk capacity of 3 TB, enter your serial number below to see if it qualifies for this program,” – said in a statement.

To replace the drive you need to contact an authorized partner of Apple. Before that first need to backup your computer data. The easiest way is to connect an external HDD and configure Time Machine. After replacing the hard disk will have to re-install the operating system with the software and migrate your data from backup.

The programme provides free repair iMac to 19 December 2015 or until the expiration of 3 years from the date of original sale (if they expire before the specified date).

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