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Apple has launched a blog dedicated to artificial intelligence

Apple has launched its own blog dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). This is a website about research in the field of machine learning called the Apple Machine Learning Journal.

The blog will publish articles about the implementation of AI in certain areas of life. The company also expects to receive feedback, primarily from developers, students and professionals. In Cupertino hope that in this way they will be able to recruit promising professionals.

Currently, the website published an article devoted to facial recognition on the photo. Apple developers managed to reduce the cost and accelerate the training of neural networks: instead of millions of real images in the training set, the company decided to use a number of synthesized images, which have improved individual algorithm.

Instead of collecting a huge library with hundreds of millions of real photos, the team of experts Apple used for training the images created by the computer. The obtained artificial the pictures were passed through another neural network which made them more realistic. This method proved to be cheaper and significantly speed up the learning process, according to the сайтеApple Machine Learning Journal.

Apple has always kept its development secret. But such policies have discouraged talented professionals in the field of artificial intelligence, but because of the Corporation at the end of last year had to change their tactics.

The intention to share the results of their research associated with artificial intelligence, last year said Russ Salakhutdinov, Director of worldwide research in the field of AI and Professor at the University of Carnegie Mellon in Pennsylvania.

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