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Apple has joined the organization of Bluetooth SIG

Apple joined the Bluetooth SIG as a Promoter Member, at a time when increasing competition among wireless technologies with low consumption. Experts call this the highest level of cooperation with the consortium, which gives Apple the right to participate in the development of new standards.

Bluetooth is increasingly competes with a number of existing and new wireless technologies short-range. These include NFC (near field communications), Zigbee Smart Energy Profile version Wi-Fi with low power consumption and technology brand development – for example, a new ultrasonic technology of the company Naratte.

According to Michael Foley, Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG, this organization has set an ambitious goal – to supply the market with 5 billion devices before the end of 2015. Joining Apple Bluetooth SIG will help to succeed in new market segments.

Interest group Bluetooth to mobile devices is because they begin to be used as hubs, which receives signals from sensors that record the steps, the rhythm of cardiac activity, blood pressure and blood sugar levels and also the ambient temperature and the amount of energy consumed. The Apple experience in creating platforms will allow the Bluetooth to make the transition to new technologies.

Joining Apple was approved, by unanimous vote of the current Board of Directors of the organization, which includes representatives from Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nokia and Toshiba.

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