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Apple has issued patches Meltdown and the Spectre for the El Capitan Sierra and High Sierra

Apple released a patch that block Meltdown and the Spectre, to El Capitan Sierra and High Sierra

Apple has blocked the methods of hacker attacks Meltdown and the Spectre 3 the latest generation of macOS.

Recently, it became publicly known vulnerability in Intel-based computers because of a feature called speculative execution. Hackers have developed several methods of vulnerability exploitation, and the most popular of them is called Meltdown and the Spectre. Using these vulnerabilities attackers can gain control over the system.

Intel was quick to release its own patch, but it was not perfect and may lead to computer freezes. Apple has recently released its own fix Meltdown and the Spectre for macOS High Sierra, then access the patch were also the owners of devices on macOS Sierra and El Capitan.

In Apple say that the official update for Mac does not contain errors that were made by Intel.

For OS X Yosemite can download the update 10.11.6, which recently appeared in the App Store. Sierra macOS users need to look for version 10.13.3.

According to Apple’s statement, which was published by Business Insider, the official fixes for the Mac block popular methods of attack, but not fix the vulnerability. The company’s specialists continue to serve the problem and to take other security measures.

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