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Apple has invented a mobile device with a flexible folding screen

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. has published a new patent application Apple, which describes a smartphone with a flexible folding screen. The company’s specialists provided several possible ways of bending the mobile device.

In the patent application Apple describes the iPhone, which can consist of several parts connected by loops (in the application described various types of loops, including magnetic and other joints).

Flexible display, as conceived by engineers, attached to the parts of the device, hiding the hinge connection. When part of the device turn, it folded or unfolded, the flexible display is bent at the connection parts. In the application described various variants of this design.

Apple calls the device a foldable smartphone, but not only: in the application specially made a reservation that the clarification is made for illustrative purposes, but in principle described design can have a laptop, a tablet, a wrist device, the device in the form of a medallion, headphones, earbuds, or other wearable or miniature device, a cellular phone, the player.

Such a structure can also have more devices, such as desktop, AIO PC, TV, set top box or any other electronic device.

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