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Apple has given employees in the New year t-shirts and postcards with the slogan of the company [photo]

The annual distribution of corporate gifts to Apple employees this year began on schedule. If last year’s Christmas gifts to subordinates, Tim cook presented in the first days of December, this time the gifts started to distribute in the middle of the month.

Earlier it was reported that online store and several Apple services will operate in December in a special regime because of the holidays “Apple” employees. Now it became known that the company presented to its employees for the holidays.

For the past several years, Apple employees are getting for Christmas from the company a variety of gifts – headphones, hoodies, backpacks, baseball caps, bags and other things with the company logo. This year the company gave branded t-shirts and cards with the motto of the company.

On the photos of the Christmas gift this year, you can see the gray t-shirt with the image of two circles, composed of the names of all of Apple retail stores worldwide.

Credo printed on thick paper and presented to Apple employees in an envelope with the company logo.

“We are here to enrich our lives

To help dreamers to become leaders

To help Hobbies to unleash human potential

To do the best work of our lives,” reads the gift card.

In the opinion of management of the Corporation, such gifts enhance the mood of employees, to give them strength.

Of course, there are those Apple employees who sell their donated items and Souvenirs for profit. Selling t-shirt can bring up to $ 100, and his actions will be absolutely legal, and no sanctions will not be imposed. The company stresses that each decides what to do with his gift.

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