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Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Swiss Swatch because of the slogan “Tick different”

Swiss watch conglomerate Swatch, it seems, once again decided to promote their products through Apple. The company registered trademark “Tick different” (“Ticking differently”) , which is consonant with the legendary slogan of Apple “Think different” (“Think differently”) .

Apple could not get past this fact. As reported by Watson, an American Corporation filed a lawsuit against Swatch Swiss Federal administrative court to revoke the trademark. In court, the company intends to prove that 50% of consumers associate the slogan “Think Different” with the Apple brand.

The head of Swatch Nick Hayek already commented on the claim appeal of Apple. According to him, the similarity of the two slogans “Think different” and “different Tick” is a coincidence and Swatch in the 80-ies conducted advertising campaign “Always different, always new”.

“Think different” is an advertising slogan created for Apple Computer in the office of advertising Agency TBWAChiatDay. The motto has long been used in TV and print advertising, as well as in numerous promotions of “Apple” products. Advertising campaign, launched in 1997, was incredibly successful and was able to return to consumers the confidence that they are dealing with the brand, perfectly understanding their way of thinking.

Swatch is not the first time uses the trademark of Apple. In 2015, the watchmaker got the patent on the phrase “One more thing” that has become legendary thanks to the founder of Apple Steve jobs, who used it in presentations of new products. In the database world intellectual property organization the patent of a Swiss company dated may 22, 2015.

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