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Apple has figured out how to make your iPhone ultra-slim

Since the presentation of the new iPhone last a little over a month. About Apple’s plans for the next generation of smartphones can be judged by patent applications that the company registers the patent office of the United States.

In the Network published details of another patent of the Californian giant, which describes a method of reducing the size of the iPhone by reducing connectors, which are used to connect circuit boards of the phone. The technology means even a complete rejection of this structure.

According to the published document, reduction of connectors will make the iPhone and iPad super slim, because the connectors take up much space on printed circuit boards and sometimes require that around them were arranged other components.

As can be seen in the illustrations, the new connectors can be located close to each other. The connectors consist of conductive lines and the insulating sheathing to ensure the integrity of the connector. Shown in the patent image for comparison now shows the used connectors (upper row) and connectors offered by Apple.

When connecting two circuit boards components can be placed directly next to the connectors. The connectors can pripiats to a single Board, creating a detachable connection, or two circuit boards, creating the permanent connection.

Sources do not have information about when Apple plans to implement the technology in practice. As you know, the company often seeks to patent an invention, however, between the issuance of the patent certificate and the embodiment of ideas in life may take more than one year.

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