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Apple has figured out how to make “eternal” button in iPhone and iPad

Specialists from Apple have found a way to extend the life of the buttons, slots and other elements of the iPhone and iPad. Instead of a mechanical component in Cupertino intend to effectively use the power of magnets.

As you know, the magnets approach each like poles repel, and opposite signs attract. This effect will be used to fix the various mechanisms in smartphones and tablets, as well as the formation of tactile response, evidenced by Apple’s patent application published before the patent and trademark office.

Apple has decided that if to place in different places of the mechanism a pair or several pairs of magnets can be achieved, so that his work was accompanied by a tactile response. In addition, in the same way it is possible to make the mechanism snap.

Usually tactile fixation buttons and the mechanical response are provided. According to the patent application magnets can reproduce the sensations that accompany the use of fully mechanical systems. The illustration brings the Apple home key of the iPhone.

The invention of Apple can be used in buttons, keys, slots for cards and other bodies of the management of mobile devices. The rejection of the mechanical elements inside of gadgets will increase the reliability and extend the life of iPhone, iPad and other products of the company.

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