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Apple has failed to withdraw the trial because of disabling FaceTime on the iPhone obsolete

Apple was unable to prove to the court that has disabled FaceTime on old iPhone the best of intentions, pushing users to buy new smartphones.

According to the publication Reuters, the California district court judge Lucy Koh (Lucy Koh) decided that the trial will be conducted according to the rules, and users of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, which accused Apple of deliberately disabling popular features, can justify their position in court.

The plaintiffs argue that by disabling FaceTime on iPhone running iOS 6 and iOS 7, Apple pursued only their own selfish interests and trying to save money. The fact that FaceTime, a California Corporation used servers Akamai Technologies, nebezizvestny owned by VirnetX. In 2012, the patent Troll has accused Apple of violating its patents with FaceTime unusable. In 2016 retrial ended for Apple with a fine of $50 million.

Currently, the plaintiffs in the case of the deliberate disabling FaceTime claim that Apple decided to save money and to protect themselves from possible accusations of using the patented technology on legacy devices.

Despite the fact that the company itself motivated the decision to disable FaceTime on an outdated iPhone with a desire to push users into buying newer smartphones, the judge considered that in this way Apple has reduced the price of their smartphones.

“FaceTime is a feature of the iPhone, and despite the fact that the technology is free, its availability is one of the many components of your iPhone. In addition, Apple is positioning FaceTime as another thing inside the iPhone exactly the way it is,” said Koch.

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At the moment the case was in the district court of Northern California, but information about when the work will be review, yet.

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