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Apple has extended discounts on accessories, and adapters USB-C, in order not to disappoint the buyers of the new MacBook Pro

The lack of standard audio – the main complaint of users on the new MacBook Pro and 12 inch MacBook. The problem is compounded by the fact that the owners of laptops can’t even connect to iPhone and iPad for charging and syncing. Realizing that now, more than ever users need adapters USB type-C, the company has reduced the prices of their main proposals.

The action was announced by Apple in early November:

“We found that many users, particularly professionals, still attached to some old interfaces and they are now on the threshold of transition. We want to help them faster and easier to adopt new standards and peripherals, and to accelerate the growth of our ecosystem. We decided to the end of the year to reduce the cost of all the accessories USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, as well as adapters and USB cables-C”, – have informed in the company.

Initially discounts on accessories USB-C was to operate until 31 December. Now Apple has decided to extend the program to March 31. The MacBook still has three months to make it profitable to buy the necessary accessories.

Apple offers a discount following models:

  • The USB-C cable for charging (2 m) – 1590 rubles (instead 2290 rubles)
  • The Thunderbolt adapter 3 (USB-C)/Thunderbolt – 2490 rubles (instead of 4090 RUB)
  • Cable the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 (0.5 m) – 2700 rubles (instead of 3690 RUR)
  • USB cable-C/Lightning – 1590 rubles (instead 2490 RUB.)
  • Multiport USB-C/VGA – 4090 roubles (instead 5790 rubles)
  • Multiport digital AV adapter USB-C – 4090 roubles (instead 5790 rubles)
  • Adapter USB-C/USB – 799 rubles (instead of 1590 RUB.)
  • Cable Belkin USB-C — Mini-B for charging (USB 2.0) – 1100 rubles (instead of 1490 RUB.)
  • Cable Belkin USB-A to USB-C (USB 3.1) – 2100 rubles (instead of 2890 RUB.)
  • The Belkin USB-C/Gigabit Ethernet – 2600 rubles (instead of 3490 rubles.)
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Also purchase discounted branded power adapter Apple USB a C power of 29 W for the price of 4090 rubles, USB power pack-C with a capacity of 61 watt – for 5790 rubles, 87-W model – 6490 rubles.

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