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Apple has explained why she left the 3.5 mm audio Jack in the new MacBook Pro

Presentation of the new MacBook Pro is another example of the inconsistency of the Apple. On the one hand the company gets rid of the 3.5 mm audio Jack in their own smartphones, calling it “technology of the stone age”. And at the same time, the company has the connector in the new generation MacBook Pro. In an interview with reporters the British Independent Vice President of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller explained the cause of such a step.

A top Manager insists that the use of a 3.5 mm connector in laptops, unlike smartphones justified. According to him, mobile and portable devices different applications.

“No, Schiller said in response to a remark about the inconsistency of Apple. Is a professional machine. If we were talking only about the headphones, it if there was not, we are convinced that a wireless connection is ideal for the headset. However, many users use laptops with Studio monitors, amplifiers and other professional sound equipment that does not have wireless connectivity, and a 3.5 mm connector,” explained Schiller.

In a recent interview, Shiller said, why the MacBook will never be touch screens: “We spent a lot of time getting accustomed to the idea of equipping laptops with a touch screen, but came to the conclusion that to create the perfect personal computer do not try to turn macOS into the iPhone. Conversely, it is impossible to turn iOS to Mac… Each platform is best suited to their goals — and that makes sense, we add from one OS to another, but to not fundamentally change the concept and not to be inconvenient for users of the compromise.”

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It’s only a few pretty interesting applications of Phil Schiller over the last few days. How convincing it sounded, the explanation of the audio Jack on the MacBook Pro? A lot of professional equipment, which tells a top-the Manager is using a digital connection, in particular A USB and by this logic, should have left leave the classic connector instead of USB. what do you think?

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