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Apple has distributed watchOS 2 beta 4 Apple Watch

Simultaneously with iOS 9 beta 4 and OS X El Capitan beta 4 was released the fourth beta version of the operating system watchOS 2.0 for the Apple Watch. With the release of this update, developers can use the tools to create native apps.

In order to install the beta version of watchOS 2.0 on the Apple Watch, you must download an updated configuration file, SDK iOS 9, iOS 9 beta. Before flashing do I need to install on your iPhone fourth beta release of the new mobile OS.

The main achievement of watchOS 2.0 for users is the ability to use a fully standalone apps for Apple Watch. “The time has come to make this system even better. With watchOS you have 2 more dials to choose from. Faster, more functional app. Enhanced opportunities for communication. And new ways to make the Apple Watch truly yours,” says Apple.

In addition, watchOS 2.0 introduced the ability to install your own images as the Wallpaper for the dial. Although Apple has restricted developers the ability to create custom screens, it is possible to add additional information – the so-called “complications” – the existing dials. Now by the user on the screen of the Apple Watch will display the information about flights, charge car battery, scores, etc.

Apple has heard the requests of developers and opened access to key features of the Apple Watch: microphone, speakers, heart rate monitor, called the taptic Engine, Digital Crown, HealthKit and HomeKit. Also the watch has got the capability to play video.

watchOS 2.0 beta 4 is available on the developers website, the final release of the new platform is scheduled for the autumn, simultaneously with the release of a stable version of iOS 9.

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