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Apple has devised a stylus for the iPad, “which would be approved by Steve jobs”

The legendary Apple founder Steve jobs never minced words. Even without the use of profanity, it was all tightly set priorities for their company and described the weaknesses and mistakes of competitors. As a result of Steve jobs disliked, but respected. But after he left Apple ceased to follow the precepts of the leader.

As you know, the founder and former Apple CEO was firmly opposed to the use of the stylus as the main unit of interaction with a touch screen. However, the last four years an American company engaged in the development of their own digital pen.

In the new version of the iPad, created in cooperation with IBM, will be long forgotten Apple stylus. On this edition of Business Insider said the former engineer, who asked to remain anonymous. From stylus refused after was closed Newton project for the production of CPC. These devices are legendary entrepreneur considered hopeless, and pen-stylus called a waste of plastic. One of the main problems, in his view, was the need to get and again to hide them at startup and shutdown. The stylus is also easy to lose.

However, Tim cook, Apple has decided to go against the precepts of the founder. The company’s laboratories were created at least three different modifications of a digital pen. One of them allegedly reached the release stage and will be presented together with a 12.9-inch iPad model. Speaking of the stylus, jobs was referring to the accessory as the main way to control devices, but in the case of large-sized tablet it will be an accessory that will extend the capabilities of a personal gadget, according to Apple.

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It is also worth noting that over the past few years, the company from Cupertino has received many patents for different variants of implementation of the stylus. One of them proposed to use the position sensors, while others allow you to write and take notes on any surface.

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