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Apple has developed the ultra-portable high-resolution camera for the Apple Watch 2

Apple, reportedly, is considering the possibility of equipping a smart watch Apple Watch with built-in camera. Confirmation of this was received today from the U.S. Bureau of patents and trademarks.

The office has granted Apple a patent for ultra-portable camera, the thickness of which does not exceed 2 mm. the document notes that it is “capable of capturing high-quality images in high resolution and suitable for installation in compact devices. What it may be the device in the application is not marked, but everything points to Apple Watch, which in the second generation should get a HD camera for video calls and taking photos.

That smartwatch Apple will appear optical module, last month wrote to 9to5Mac. It is assumed that the camera is not mounted in the strap as the watch Galaxy Gear, and in the upper part of the device frame. Camera for video calling with FaceTime, will be added to the operating system watchOS 2.

Thanks to the special design of the module, Apple hopes to give a tiny module good quality photography. Anyway, the camera should shoot better than peers, the disadvantages of which is low resolution, high noise and poor colour reproduction. In Cupertino expect to equip Apple Watch HD camera, which will be a “special system of lenses. “The overall axial length of the chamber is 2 mm or less”, – the document says.

In addition to high-resolution cameras Apple Watch 2 will boast improved Wi-Fi support. In addition, the device will become more independent from iPhone. Application WatchOS will be able to get your data directly, including email messages, weather and other data. The function Find My Watch will allow you to determine the location hours triangulation method according to the Wi-Fi router.

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According to reports, the announcement of the second generation Apple Watch is expected not earlier than next year. Sales of the first smart watch Apple will start in Russia on July 31.

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