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Apple has developed a system of sign control for new generation Apple TV

Published by the Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks United States patent Apple will, if implemented, provide the owner of a device with this technology, a fundamentally new system of government. It is about a development called “Pattern Projector”.

Apple engineers describe a system that allows you to control electronic devices using spatial gestures. The receiving device will respond to the movement of the hands in the air. In fact, there would be no need for a traditional remote control.

For this purpose it is proposed to use a special projection device with an optical module for forming a 3D map of the room and tracking changes in position of the hand or fingers. The projection unit is compact enough to ensure the possibility of its integration not only in stationary devices like Apple TV, but in mobile devices — smartphones, tablets and laptops.

On the idea of “Apple” of the company, the new system will allow you to communicate with gestures with different applications, and also to control in games. In the second case, the projector can be an alternative to a mouse or joystick.

Need to increase and decrease the volume? It is enough to show the appropriate gesture. To change the channel? Again the gesture: swipe them like the pages of a book. To enable or disable Apple TV? Also very understandable – enough to pull the plug. Necessary for the implementation of the technology, Apple already has: in 2013, the company has bought PrimeSense, which develops three-dimensional sensors.

About the timing of the patented technology of spatial gestures information yet. Presentation of the new generation Apple TV is expected in June at the worldwide developers conference WWDC 2015.

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