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Apple has denied the rumors about threats to the musicians

A week and a half will launch service to stream music to Apple Music. The new service will open the user access to a collection of millions of tracks and persistent online radio with professional DJs will enable you to view the recommendations of the experts and subscribe to updates of your favorite artists. During the first three months the service will be free.

On the eve of the launch of Apple Music, the Network appeared rumors that Apple uses a “special” techniques to convince artists to subscribe to the service. In particular, the frontman of The Brian Jonestown Massacre Anton Newcombe, wrote in his Twitter about the ultimatum delivered to the musicians of Cupertino: for refusing to streaming music collection, Apple has promised to withdraw their albums from iTunes.

“Apple offered us a deal: they said they want to stream music for free for three months… I refused and said: Then we’ll take your music from iTunes?” Damn, these satanic corporations,” the musician wrote in his microblog.

Apple has officially commented on the statements of Newcomb, noting that does not practice this way of interacting with the musicians. “This information is untrue. We won’t remove the music,” said a company representative edition of Rollingstone.

The launch of Apple Music will take place on 30 June. On iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the new service will be available in the Music app, on Mac and Windows-computers — in iTunes player. iOS 8.4 with “Music” and an updated version of mediacompany due out at the end of the month, client for Android and Apple TV — “this fall”.

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