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Apple has denied rumors about the development of apps to migrate from iOS to Android

Apple denied the rumors about the preparation of applications for easy migration from iOS devices to smartphones and tablets running Android. The corresponding statement was made by the representative of the company the portal Buzzfeed.

Recently the media spread information that Apple is developing software that will make it easier for iPhone and iPad users to transfer personal data on smartphones and tablets with Android if they want to change mobile phone. The publication cited a senior source in the industry.

To take this step Apple allegedly forced the European antitrust authorities and local cellular operators. They felt that the lack of a convenient way to migrate from iPhone to Android makes them too dependent on Apple. Apple rarely comments on rumors, but this was considered significant enough to dignify with a response.

“This information is not true, said Apple spokesperson Trudy Miller. – We are fully focused on how to convince Android users to switch to iPhone. And this is because we are good”.

In the fall of 2015 Apple released the app Move to iOS, designed for Android users who decided to switch to “Apple” communicators. Smartphone users with Android held a flash mob against the software, using the built-in Google Play ratings system, to understate the rating of new items.

Thus, Apple continues to adhere to the strategy formulated by the late founder of the Corporation Steve jobs. He believed that the company needs to keep users in the ecosystem created by it.

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