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Apple has decided to take money from the developers of the free extensions for Safari

The developers of the free extensions for Safari browser will have to pay a membership fee to have their products preserved in the official directory of extensions. This was reported in the new agreement of the company.

The developers of extensions for Safari will lose the opportunity of free distribution of its products through the official store extensions. Still to add the addon in the directory “Safari Extensions”, the developer was enough to become a member of the program Safari Developer Program. It is completely free, no membership fees no need to pay.

However, with the release of the final version of the OS X platform El Capitan rules will change. Program Safari Developer Program will be no more, and that the developers were able to continue to publish your extension in the official catalogue, they will need to join the Apple Developer Program.

Apple Developer Program is a versatile program developers of applications for Apple products. It currently brings together software developers for OS X and iOS. And in the autumn will consolidate and creators of extensions for Safari. The contribution of the program for programmers is $99 per year. This amount, says Cnews, you must pay, even if the participant did not earn on their products. And if the developer of the extension for Safari (and they are all free) you wish to save your add-in directory, it will have to pay a membership fee.

No option for authors of extensions to open source is not yet available, but the developers hope that Apple will eventually offer them a special free account with the option to publish your extension in the directory without any fee.

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Safari allows you to install extensions from third-party sources. So developers can continue to distribute them on their websites and through other channels. But these extensions will not be updated automatically.

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