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Apple has decided to disclose secrets in the field of artificial intelligence

Apple plans to publish the results of research related to artificial intelligence technologies. This step will allow the Corporation to hire the best people.

Scientists engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence for Apple, will be able to publish the results of their work. This was at the NIPS conference in Barcelona said Russ Salakhutdinov, Director of worldwide research in the field of AI and Professor at the University of Carnegie Mellon in Pennsylvania.

It is difficult to find a company more obsessed with idea to keep secret all their developments. The most striking example is Scott Forstall, former senior Vice President of iOS directions. Hiring the first team of engineers to design the iPhone, he didn’t even tell them about the nature of future work. Similarly, former CTO of Adobe Kevin Lynch did not even know that he has to deal with the Apple Watch, has not yet put his signature in the employment contract.

Apple has always been one of the most secretive participants in the IT-market, which kept its development secret. However, the company was forced to change the usual approach to research in order to attract new prospective employees.

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence want to share the results of their work public and to contribute to the development of science. Apple policy in which any studies are trade secrets of the company, simply discourages talented scientists. In addition, to achieve significant results in this field it is very important to interact with other market participants.

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At a time when the engineers on the development of AI from Google or Microsoft is constantly attending numerous conferences to exchange experiences and discuss the most interesting events of their colleagues from Apple prefer to stay away.

Apple policy leads to the fact that the company is now isolated in a field where open relationships and cooperation are extremely important. Consequently, the company may lag the level of development of intelligent software from competitors who are not afraid to share experiences.

Informed about the launch of a partnership project in the field of artificial intelligence has announced the company’s Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft. The group has set itself the task of conducting research and disseminating best practices. Later, Microsoft agreed to provide a cloud computing platform Azure enterprise-level nonprofit company OpenAI, one of the founders of which is Elon Musk.

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