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Apple has confirmed that it is working on unmanned vehicles

Apple has taken another step to recognize that she is developing self-driving cars, writes Financial Times. The representative of the California Corporation entered into a new Committee on automated vehicles, established by the U.S. Department of transportation.

In a new Committee designed to study and standardization of the self-driving cars, included 25 people. It is the us car companies, as well as officials, scientists and experts in the field of Autonomous vehicles. Among them was Vice-President of Apple’s work with the environment Lisa Jackson.

In December last year, Apple wrote to the us regulators ‘ feedback on the proposed principles of regulation of this new technology. In Cupertino have reported a significant investment in research, machine learning and automation in various fields, including transport.

Letter from the Director of worldwide product development Steve Kenner the head of the main Department on security of traffic of the USA (NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) did not disclose any details of the project, but it States that the company “invests heavily in machine learning and automation and enthusiastic about the potential of automated systems in many industries, including the transport.”

Apple Vice President Lisa Jackson entered the new Committee on automated vehicles USA

That Apple is developing its own car, it became known in February 2015. A project to create an electric vehicle, codenamed Titan, by that time already existed for about a year. It was not about self-driving car. A project leader was assigned an experienced designer Steve Sadecki, who took the post of Vice President.

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In September 2015 the information appeared that the first model of the electric vehicle can reach the market in 2019. The WSJ wrote that the company has stepped up the project, tripling the number of employees on the team that formed the first 600 people. The company hired including specialists in the creation of unmanned vehicles. But a year later, in September 2016, the Corporation closed several projects related to creating self-driving electric car, firing dozens of employees. Changes in project Titan occurred after July 2016 Sadeski the post of its head was replaced by Apple veteran Bob Mansfield. He decided to focus not on self-production of electric vehicles, and the creation of a system that will manage cars.

According to representatives of Apple working on automated systems can be used in order to change the “future of transport”. The company says a “significant social benefits from automated cars” and insists that this technology will increase safety by allowing potentially prevent millions of accidents and thousands of victims annually.

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